AIIMS (Alternative Individualized Instructional Methods for Success)

AIIMS is an alternative education program providing tailored instruction to high school students experiencing challenges that prevent them from participating in the traditional school setting.  The program is designed to provide students opportunities for success as they work towards a high school diploma or GED®, as well as complete industry certifications such as Career Readiness, keyboarding, finance, and first aid.  

Students participating in the AIIMS program attend school for three hours a day.  Instruction is provided using an online virtual program. Each school day is structured to include an opening session, computer work sessions, and a closing session.  A brief break between computer work sessions allows students an opportunity to stretch and re-focus before returning to the computer work. A positive reinforcement program encourages students to follow the program rules and complete work in a timely manner.  Students are provided with Chromebooks to complete work at home, as appropriate.

Students participating in the ISAEP (Individualized Student Alternative Education Plan) program offered at AIIMS earn a high school equivalency credential while also developing career and technical skills.   


Scott Habeeb, Coordinator of Alternative Education

Mrs. Liza Moles, Special Education Teacher

406 East Fourth Street
Salem, VA

Phone: 540-375-4104